We are an organization of business owners, professionals, independent contractors, and community leaders who are enthusiastic about supporting the work and mission of the local church.

At the same time we gain exposure and visibility in the market place.

Advertisers have a dedicated “search” audience, sponsored by the local church, to sell their goods and services while at the same time supporting fund-raisers for the church.


“SearchTheChurch, LLC is committed to supporting the church and its mission of service by allowing the sponsoring church to earn funds that are generated by its members who advertise their business, product or service with SearchTheChurch.com.

This service is offered to all faith-based organizations and their members. Funds are earned by the active participation of the church’s members utilizing the search engine to advertise their goods and services.”

The search engine is a cost effective way for advertisers to increase revenue by providing services to more members of church and faith-based institutions locally and at the national level resulting in a high return on investment (ROI).

When you advertise with searchthechurch.com or use this search engine resource, you support the church, the community and those in need.

SearchTheChurch.com online directory is linked to thousands of local and national advertisers which generates a tremendous stream of new and returning visitors.

You will reach an untapped targeted market of faith-based consumers who desire to do business with trustworthy businesses. Consumers have an increased sense of confidence using SearchTheChurch.com to purchase goods and services because SearchTheChurch.com has made a firm commitment to support the mission of the church financially while providing a platform for members to connect with each other.

One of our goals is to make it easier for members to exchange products and services with one another.

Further, advertisers have a large dedicated audience of church members directed to their products and services.

We provide an avenue for your members to be more prosperous and successful. Our relationship will enable you to raise funds for your church’s project while at the same time eliminate the stress that comes with fund raising projects and the frequency of soliciting for donations. The cost of establishing a fund raiser for specific projects is removed allowing you to enlarge your circle of influence in meeting the needs of more people.


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