Putting It All Together – Businesses & Churches Supporting Each Other

This is an incredible opportunity for your business to increase its brand awareness and to generate revenues for your church or organization. Fund raising for your special projects is a FREE service offered by SearchTheChurch.com. They have created an online environment for your congregation to support the local church and community in the market place.

The search engine platform is dedicated to connecting Advertisers and Your Congregation in their search for products and services. Your parishioners search for these items every day on the internet. We provide a platform that will allow members of your congregation and community to place an advertisement at a substantially discounted rate for their business, goods, and/or services.

Your church or organization will earn funds that are generated by your members and community who advertise with searchthechurch.com. This is a free service offered to all Christian-based organizations and their members. Funds are earned by the active participation of members advertising their goods and services with Search The Church.


What you can do

Now, all you need to do is register your intent to begin a Fund Raiser using this platform.  We will provide the necessary forms. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. You inform your congregation & community of the opportunity
  2. Encourage business owners to place their business online
  3. You earn the commission

Additional opportunities are available in reaching out to your local community. This provides an excellent outreach opportunity to interact with and support local businesses as you share this advertising opportunity with them.

What’s Next?

Encourage your members to visit SearchTheChurch.com when they are looking for local and national products or services, such as clothing, restaurants, tradesmen, pretty much anything they would search for on the internet.

We encourage you to have your special projects utilize this opportunity for their fund-raising options.

Click Here to REGISTER NOW and let us help you reach your projects goals.

We are an innovative team of marketers reaching massive audiences but also passionate Christians ourselves.

Our team is dedicated to assuring the Church is generating the revenues it needs to support projects through a service that everyone in your congregation performs daily…searching the internet!

It is a fantastic way to connect Christians and businesses who normally generate revenues for corporations through everyday purchases on the internet but now will generate advertising dollars that will go back to their local church and community.

Start your Fund Raiser now.               Advertise your Business Now